Jet Freer

by Jeffrey Freer

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"We Are One"


released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Jeffrey Freer Ypsilanti, Michigan


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Track Name: Gladly Accept
I’ve read stories from long ago
Whispering secrets to my soul
The world is what you make it so play along
You’re a character baby so be a happy one

You’ve got the time if you want to use it
Come on honey there’s nothing to it
Relax your mind drive you’re worries away
Believe me baby in the end it pays

I’ve past the mirrors been through the smoke
Believe me baby there’s so much you could choke
Sometimes the smoke try’s to slip back in
So ill do my best to clear it when I can

Pain in life always seems unfair
You think to yourself why is it here?
It’s to remind ourselves of our flesh
So ill do my best to gladly accept
Track Name: Home
Is there anyone there?
Can you see me?
In the midnight air
When you’re lost and all alone
I’ll be with you
When you think there’s nothing more
Ill surprise you

When you look at yourself and you feel all alone
There’s one watching guiding you home

And it all goes on
Track Name: We Are One
I hear a little voice inside my head
It tells me when I do something bad
Where does this little voice even come from?

We are one

Maybe it’s the way it’s seem
Maybe it’s the way we dream
Maybe it’s the way it’s crashing down

Maybe it’s the way I was raised
Maybe it’s the way I misbehaved
Maybe it’s the way it’s crashing down
Track Name: Seek Out
I see the layers they go deep
Most of us are still asleep
No one wants to know why
Too much to ask, too many lies
So they just stare

Please don’t believe anything I say
Seek out truth
Think for yourself
Think for today

Truth can only satisfy
Your feeling empty you’re filled with lies
Everyone is insecure
Everyone is mystified
Nothing more behind our eyes
Track Name: Crazy Daze
I can’t relate
To what people think is great
Everyone with their smart phones
So they feel that they are never alone
I’m going crazy

Crazy daze

What’s happening today?
A lot of speaking but nothing to say
A lot of watching but nothing to see
What ever happened to showing mercy?
I’m going crazy

Crazy daze

What can I do?
Don’t give in to that majority drool
Don’t give in to what they have to say
Make up your own mind and keep it that way
I’m going crazy

Crazy daze
Track Name: Enjoy The Night
Live life, be yourself for a change
Don't you, let other people make you strange
Feel good, we only have one shot to save
Live love, feel it like an ancient wave

Breath, honey it will be alright
Will you, let go and enjoy the night
Your eyes, look and feel so bright
Maybe we can start to waste time
Track Name: Blue Blood
If I know truth, truth is something that does not bend
It's more like a universal agreement

Love is not the answer, love is just way to blind
Open-closed mind

If I know pain, pain is something that's a brief moment
It's not as bad as what could happen with what we do with it

If I know love, love is something like a fairy tale
Instead it's not, so we always put it up for sale

If I know hate, hate is something like a wrist watch
We keep checking the time, to make sure that nothing's off

If I know faith, faith is something like the north star
It will guide you home, as long as you're looking to the sky
Track Name: Life Game
Do what you want to do
Like you’re supposed to
Don’t let people make you think
That you don’t want to

Does it seem the same?
Or are you still confused
Am I being clear?
Or should I…


Clear away the violent must
Free your self from judgment
The net is set and it is wide
So leap to the moon
Track Name: First Round
Caught beneath the sea
Stuck between the sky
Guild me to a place where there are no lies
Build up a little faith
Break a little pride
Stand up for what you think is true to find

It seemed like the perfect time of year
Every little thought seemed so clear
And I just want to hear another love song
Something nice you know to get me along
Until I run into you

Sunk by all the noise
Beat up by all the doubt
The least you can do is figure it out
Breed to just consume
Breed to be down and out
At least this soft shell is just the first round